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Covid 19: Read reliable Websites (CDC, LACity Public Health; reach out to others, offer to assist if possible; go for a walk; be creative in getting exercise; eat more fruits/vegetables than normal; limit social media reading. Balance your intake (physical and emotional) of negative with positive input.

In the video below I use a little humor in talking about wearing a mask.

(Even therapists are allowed to have a little fun)


Marriage Counseling, Anxiety Management, Trauma, & Addiction

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I am currently seeing clients face to face if so desired du​ring this sad time of the COVID 19 Virus. I am also doing Telephonic/Telemedicine for those in need. I am using the video format, Doxy.me, to allow a more personal and secure format than just phone calls. Prepay of session cost or copay will be done via PayPal. Times are flexible. Some insurances are taken.

Healthy communicati​on between male and female. 

An example of unhealthy couples' communication is on the Treatment Concept page. Check it out, and be willing to look at yourself. Each page offers specific lessons to be learned. Couples counseling can help or hurt. The more honest a couple is the more the hurt potential, so both have to be willing to change.

The cust​om mask below is for a little humor in these difficult times.

Potential stressors are many but it is how you look at them, your perception of them that determines how much it does or doesn't stress you. Some hate to wear a mask but this man found some humor is his perspective. Balance is important, seeing good in the past (even in difficult past times) is important to prevent Harmful Thoughts like Negative Filtering. With the Pandemic a Harmful Thought popping up is Negative Fortune Telling, seeing only doom in the future. Find a balance and learn to challenge the Harmful Thoughts.

Receiving marriage counseling for most people seems to emphasize that a married couple is in some real trouble, and that getting marriage counseling is sort of a last alternative to saving it from disaster or divorce. It is very unfortunate that we have developed this kind of notion in couples counseling.

Healing Today with Robert Buhrow can help couples improve their love and relationship by working on the marriage problems. Our marriage counseling specialist provides resources for couples to be able to strengthen their marriage by allowing them to identify the key problems of their life. By offering valuable practical advice and a step-by-step process Healing Today with Robert Buhrow will show you how to save your troubled relationship. Also, be aware that unresolved Trauma can be an underlying cause for addictions and relationship problems. This includes: Emotional, Physical, and/or Sexual Abuse.

Healing Today with Robert Buhrow offers professional treatment in Miracle Mile of Los Angeles, Hancock Park, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, downtown LA, and in Larchmont,

Apart from counseling couples, Healing Today with Robert Buhrow also offers treatment for Addiction, Anger management therapy, Trauma, Anxiety, and Sexual/porn addiction. Faith-based counseling also available.

By identifying the factors which cause these addictions, disorders, anger, and marital tension, and willingness to work on them, our counseling session will be fruitful. 

Healing Today with Robert Buhrow specializes in:

· Electro-cranial stimulation

· Prolonged exposure treatment (approved by the Military) for trauma victims

· Evidence based therapy

· Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy for children

· 24 hour treatment access for specialized cases

· Alternative treatment for substance abuse conviction

· Written evaluation for court orders

· Criminal psychological evaluations for court order/defense

· Couples therapy specialized program

A family is considered the building block of a society and happy families make a healthier society. Counseling in Los Angeles for couples in marriage, anger management therapy, and addiction therapies are just some of the many healing services available in LA that will help families attain stability and reconcile their differences.